How do Businesses Adapt to Compete for Talent after the Pandemic?

COVID-19 has presented human and economic issues that have never been seen before. The challenge was embraced by organizations around the world, which responded rapidly to protect employees and adapt to a new way of working that even the best business continuity plans could not have predicted. The Future of Work After COVID-19 The common […]

10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Do you find it difficult to explain your value in a job interview or to potential clients? Are you confused about how to leverage your brand to secure your dream job? Regardless of the present economic scenario, recognizing one’s unique value proposition and being able to turn it into a branding statement is critical for […]

Exploring Opportunities for Women on Boards Through Diversity

The extreme lack of diversity we have in the work field goes without saying. Men vastly outnumber women in the workforce. And to make things worse, the pandemic has affected working women more than men. It has been a long ongoing practice and is due to change for a while now. We need, in fact, […]

Virtual Mentoring: How To Make It Work

In today’s fast-paced world, virtual mentorship is becoming increasingly popular. So how can businesses make it work? The good news is that, in certain cases, virtual mentoring can be even more successful than face-to-face mentoring. In addition, virtual mentoring is more than just a temporary solution, thanks to the simplicity of mentoring software platforms and […]

Commonly Found Imposter Syndrome: Ways to Fight Them

Have the confidence to fulfill your ambitions

To achieve heights in your career, two personality traits play a vital role, confidence and overcoming self-doubt. After you join work, you have to change your daily patterns. Sometimes adjusting to these daily patterns might be difficult, and you tend to lose your confidence. You then start doubting yourself and questioning your work.  Imposter Syndrome […]

6 Strategies for Negotiating a Business Deal

Negotiation is one of the most powerful tools to increase sales. A lousy negotiation can either make or break your business. To maintain the profitability of your business, you need to master this trade. But, how do you make a good negotiation? How can you master this skill?  Mario Puzo has rightly said in his book The Godfather, […]

Set Career Goals in 6 Easy Steps

Your choice of career has far-reaching effects on your happiness, health, and financial well-being. However, many people are unsure how to take the necessary steps. How to Set Career Goals The following 6 steps can be used to understand the process of thoughtfully setting career goals. Self-Assessment Creating a comprehensive list of your interests, career […]

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