Creating “the most stunning Silicon Valley turnaround”

From being the oldest of four in a modest American family to becoming one of the first black female CEOs of the tech industry and creating “the most stunning Silicon Valley turnaround,” Shellye Archambeau knows how to create success on her own terms and she made it her mission to teach others to do the same. Therefore she founded Ignite Ambition to provide early to mid-stage career professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their careers.

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You might not begin your life with luck, but you can make yourself luckier. To do that, you need to equip yourself with knowledge and planning.

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Unapologetically Ambitious

“Shellye has achieved amazing success through a clear strategy of setting goals, making plans, and intelligent risk-taking.  In this book, she’s now sharing these strategies with us: why to set an ambitious plan and how to achieve it.  Highly recommended.” 

– Reid Hoffman, co-founder, LinkedIn 



    Eric Schmidt
    Eric Schmidt

    Former CEO of Google

    "Shellye has been a role model for me, a friend and a mentor for 20 years. I greatly admire her intentionality, grace, humility, and courage. She has a true north who I can depend on in fair or foul weather. I highly recommend her book."

      Sheryl Sandberg
      Sheryl Sandberg

      COO of Facebook

      "In a world that too often tells women, especially Black women, to stay small, keep quiet, and know their limits, this book says otherwise. Shellye’s book, Unapologetically Ambitious is a celebration of women knowing their power”

        Lorraine Hariton
        Lorraine Hariton

        CEO of Catalyst

        "A successful career in any industry is always underpinned by a few important elements: focus, risk-awareness and drive. Shellye’s book……..Unapologetically Ambitious………….underscores the importance these elements can play in your career and showcases brilliant strategies and approaches through her own career pursuits. She’s been a wonderful friend and business colleague for many, many years!!"

          John Thompson
          John Thompson

          Chairman of Microsoft

          "Shellye Archambeau’s remarkable journey is one of tremendous grit and perseverance. Through honest storytelling, Unapologetically Ambitious reveals a clear message—create your own luck."

          About Shellye

          Shellye Archambeau is an experienced CEO and Board Director with a track record of accomplishments building brands, high performance teams, and organizations. Ms. Archambeau currently serves on the boards of Verizon [NYSE:VZ], Roper Technologies [NYSE: ROP], and Okta [NASDAQ: OKTA]. She is also a strategic advisor to Forbes Ignite and to the President of Arizona State University, and serves on the boards of two national nonprofits, Catalyst and Braven.

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