Commonly Found Imposter Syndrome: Ways to Fight Them


To achieve heights in your career, two personality traits play a vital role, confidence and overcoming self-doubt. After you join work, you have to change your daily patterns. Sometimes adjusting to these daily patterns might be difficult, and you tend to lose your confidence. You then start doubting yourself and questioning your work. 

Imposter Syndrome hit women and women of color harder. 

Like Michelle Obama says, “I had to fight to get over this question that chased me most of my life, whether I am good enough to become the first lady? Whether I am good at it or not? These questions arise in the minds of most girls and women, especially women of color. How did I overcome that? I worked harder and harder to prove myself every time this question came into my head.” 

Your timely encounter with this doesn’t mean you embrace this in your personality. You are capable of every task assigned to you. Remember, you are not a fraud. 

But, you also have to keep in mind that Yes, Imposter Syndrome is real and here are ways to deal with it


Types of Imposter Syndromes:   

There are different kinds of Imposter Syndrome and each of them needs to be dealt in a unique manner. Not just you, but many successful leaders too suffer from Imposter Syndrome and have overcome from this. 

●      The Perfect One  

Do you feel you are a perfectionist? 

You just want everything to be correct. To prove yourself, you have set some really high goals.

 What happens if you can’t achieve them? 

You lose your confidence. You start doubting yourself. “Can I do this? Am I capable enough to carry out this responsibility?’ Just keep calm and keep working while these questions are nagging you in your head. 


●      I am a Superman/Woman  

Remember, you are not a spiderman or a superwoman to wear many hats at a time. You cannot do everything and excel in all. Take one job at a time and show your expertise in it.  


●      One Man Army  

You are a soloist. Indeed, being a soloist is no harm, but when there is a pile of work that you have to accomplish within a frame of time, handling it single-handedly will prove harmful for you. Taking assistance does not question your worth. It enhances your abilities and sharing fastens the process of completing the work. 


●      The Master of All 

Jack of all trades is a master of none. To accomplish your goals and achieve heights in your career, you have to be a master of one. You excel in one field and that becomes your selling point. But, refraining from performing a task because of lack of knowledge, you are making a mistake.  You can anytime refer, read and then perform a task. 


●      Born Genius 

You want to learn many skills in a brief period. If you fail to do so, you feel you are incompetent. You start self-doubting and losing your confidence. If you don’t get things on the first try and start panicking, it means you are prone to Imposter Syndrome. 


Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome: 

Thoughts like,

“What do I do if I am going through the above symptoms?

 Do I have to visit a psychologist?” is running through your mind. 


Don’t worry; there are ways in which you can fight it yourself in the following ways:  

 ● Talk to your friends and colleagues about it 

● Seek Help 

● Read if you do not know about any subject 

● Trust people who know your capabilities. 

● Don’t overburden yourself with work to prove your worth 

● Learn to say ‘No.’ 

● Ignore the self-doubting thoughts that pop up in your mind. 


Like Malebo Sephodi, South African activist, researcher, and author of Miss Behave, rightly said, 

“When you know you’re ENOUGH!

When you stop focusing on all things that you’re not.

When you stop fussing over perceived flaws.

When you remove all imposed and unbelievable expectations on yourself.

When you start celebrating yourself more.

When you focus on all that you are.

When you start believing that your perceived flaws are just that – perception…”



Shellye is committed to helping people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their aspirations in careers and life. The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

Shellye Archambeau is determined to help you with all possible strategies to climb the ladder of success. She values your feedback. Do mention them in the comment section below.

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