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Ignite Ambition is a non-profit organization focused on helping early to middle management professionals achieve their career ambitions.

Studies show that people who have career mentors go farther faster in their careers yet only 37 % of women have mentors and only 25% of women of color have mentors.  Ignite Ambition is a platform that will provide mentoring support at scale.

Our organization is for everyone, however we place a heavy emphasis on women’s career paths and the unique struggles women in business face.

There are not enough experienced women professionals in leading positions to mentor all the women who need mentoring on a one-to-one basis, because there’s fewer people at the top to mentor the large number of people in positions at lower levels. So in addition to 1:1 mentoring, an alternative approach is needed.

Ignite Ambition is filling this void.  Our platform enables professional women to receive mentoring support in a format that scales.  We offer small group cohort mentoring programs addressing workplace challenges that many people face such as: negotiating for a promotion, getting your ideas heard, dealing with a bad boss, etc…

The programs have a time defined curriculum and feature senior executive interactions.

Members of this specially curated program will gain the guidance, information, and tools that they need to navigate through their careers and make important career decisions as well as expand their network and gain insights from senior executives that they would not normally have access to.

  • Ignite Ambition is a free community that provides mentoring programs to professionals who need it. 
  • Our organization has subscription based programs available as well, that will provide added value offerings to each mentee.
  • Describe how this will work. 
  • Our community is one that flourishes on and promotes a reach-back mindset – encouraging each and every mentor and mentee to promote, network, and mentor each other.

Upcoming Guest Mentor Highlight:

Brandice Daniel:
Ignite Ambition Founder

Dates Speaking: 4/30/2024
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